Alexa Borden

Ramblings and amblings and in betweens
  • Such a gorgeous night for the end of the summer. I can’t sleep so I’m outside breathing it in and thinking about the past year.

    This time last year I was at a much worse place in my life. It’s safe to say I’ve never felt so happy and full of life than I do now!

    I think one of the two most important things that influence your happiness are the people you surround yourself with, and your perspective. When bad things happen to us, we tend to think that we deserve it. It’s cliched but if you put it in perspective you’ll eventually see that all the difficult times happen for a reason. If you realize that, it should lead you to a better place. If you told me that a year ago I would have thought it was a load of bullshit. Be content with how life has shaped you, and always work towards making yourself better.

    That’s it for the insightful thoughts tonight. I hope you can apply it to this year for school or work or anything! I’m going to go cuddle a kitten.


    And here is a picture of my dog in a hat (you’re welcome)